Dad, 7 Kids Killed By Gas Generator While Sleeping

One of our competitors advises operating a generator inside his corrugated steel pipe (CSP) shelter.  This practice goes against all good sheltering principals. The door this competitor makes, which separates the shelter bulkhead from the mudroom type ‘generator room’, cannot be trusted to be totally airtight — And even if it were airtight, opening that door at any time during or after generator operation would allow carbon monoxide to enter into the occupied sheltered area.  Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.

 In addition to that concern, the generator must have a source of outside air to cool and combust properly.  During an NBC event, outside air may contain chemical or biological war gasses and radiation, which will then seep into the occupied sheltered area. 

We firmly advise that you NEVER operate a generator inside your shelter.  

From: ‘Ask a Prepper’

NASHVILLE, TN – A father and his 7 children died in their sleep recently, becoming the last victims to a silent, deadly and secret epidemic sweeping across America.

This tragedy was NOT caused by a mass shooting, a viral outbreak or a natural disaster.

Here’s what happened…

Rodney Todd “had purchased a gas generator to keep his seven children warm” when the power went out, a family member explained.

On Sunday morning, the electricity went off in their home.  The family of 8 went to church, came home, flipped on the gas generator and went to sleep…

And tragically, the NEVER woke up.

All 8 people in the house died while they were sleeping. The chief medical examiner determined that the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning emitted by the gas generator.

How Did Their Gas Generator Kill Them?

We all know that gas generators are noisy, expensive and complicated to operate.  But most people don’t know that gasoline generators are surprisingly dangerous.


Because gas generators work a lot like a car engine. They’re burning gasoline to create power. And just like a car engine, they put off deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Carbon monoxide gas is odorless, tasteless and can KILL any living thing in its path in just minutes without warning.

That’s why gas generators, especially when used improperly indoors (never do this!), can be so deadly.



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