The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

We recently discovered the PDF of the book,  ‘The Effects of Nuclear Weapons’, on line.  The book was compiled and edited by Samuel Glasstone and Philip Dolan.  This work contains no opinion whatsoever.  “Just the facts.”  We have several hard copies of this book in our own libraries.   It was available from the U.S. Government printing office until Bill Clinton ordered it removed from the menu.  Nuclear attack was just not going to be discussed during his tenure.  This was the bible used by DoD planners, national laboratory employees, etc.  Tons of data derived from atmospheric tests as well as the aftermath of the two US attacks on Japan.  The later chapters discuss physiological effects on human beings….burns, radiation exposure (mostly initial, since there was very little fallout from the Japan attacks), overpressure and secondary missile injuries, etc.   Photos, charts, graphs.

We would highly recommend that you read the information on ‘initial radiation’.  Few shelter companies address this difficult problem in their shelter designs.  If  your shelter is located near a primary target, entrances must be carefully designed to attenuate initial radiation.

It was interesting to see the difference between “ideal” fallout patterns, which were plotted by engineers…..and actual fallout patterns that occurred from tests.  It places those silly maps that project fallout deposition patterns in great doubt.

Unfortunately, the nifty effects circular slide rule is not included in the pdf….the slide rule arrived in a pocket glued in the back cover of the book.  We have one surviving specimen (see attachment).  We have discovered a master pattern to be used to make new ones in some files from TACDA, but haven’t found a printing shop that is willing to produce a few.  Yet.  They probably could be made from mylar print sheets on a commercial grade copy machine.

This is the location of the PDF.


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